DIPS is the shortened name for Distinguished Individuals Playing Golf and some people call them the dipsticks or dip****s. The majority of these gentlemen have nicknames such as Dunk, Millerman, Mayor, Lightening, Sellblock, Shuramator, Coach and Buck. They originated years ago with the likes of Bob Muntz, Al Shlienz, Aldo Monti, Tom Rose and Chuck Jarvill plus others. Through the years they have adopted "Rules of the Royal and Ancient Dips" or ROARD. Each rule is named after the creator, such as:

Ross rule: if you plan to lay up short of a hazard and hit your shot and it accidentally goes in the hazard, you need not take a penalty because you intended to lay up.

Mitchell rule: if your Mulligan goes into the hazard or out of bounds on the first hole, you are entitled to take a provisional mulligan and play any of the shots you like.

Knowles rule: if your ball is not able to be found and a leaf can be seen on the ground, then the leaf rule is in effect and you may drop within 50 yards of where you think your ball was lost.

Rose rule: probably the most often declared and famous rule of the Dips is when you have a permanent natural obstruction between the ball and the green, you may move the ball any direction you wish, as long as you do not have to change your club choice.

Teams are chosen using playing cards, full CDGA handicaps are used and certain scorekeepers seem to win more often. Beer seems to be the beverage of choice after golf and some people have been known only to buy when they got a hole in one. We do not mention any of the names to protect the guilty.

*A Word From the Pro*

If you think you have what it takes to be a Dip you can show up any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday around 11:30 and get signed up for their 12:00 tee times. For more information on The Dips please feel free to give the golf shop a call. Trust me everyone knows about The Dips.